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Education support for nurses

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Can you help our new graduate nurses with important education support?

Our first group of new graduates for this year have started, with more on the way. It's an ambitious task to support and upskill so many new recruits.

With the possibility of new COVID-19 variants, or other unforeseen events, the hospital must remain extremely vigilant about infection control.


Our normal educational opportunities unfortunately aren't possible at the moment, so the nursing education staff are in desperate need of additional Training 'Manikens'.

High Fidelity Manikens help teach our nurses to handle real life scenarios. 

These lifelike, highly technical 'manikens' are programmed to behave and react to simulated patient scenarios so nurses can safely participate in hands-on education and practice.

This lifelike education is so important to supporting the health and wellbeing of all our patients at the San.

Our nurses and training staff would be so grateful for any support you could give for these new graduates.