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Can you help with a vital upgrade to support innovative cancer care?

In July 2020 Sydney Adventist Hospital launched a new and innovative tool to collate cancer patients care data into one system. It’s called ICIMS - Integrated Cancer Information Management System. It has revolutionised the way the San Integrated Cancer Centre has been able to review data and support patients through their cancer journey.

Since its inception ICIMS has helped the San build the country’s most advanced and detailed system for collecting and automating information about cancer treatment journeys for thousands of patients.

Behind the scenes our talented IT teams were working hard to introduce and improve ICIMS through integrating data across multiple systems. As you can imagine there are so many sources of information that are collected about a cancer patient across the San… pathology, radiology, day infusion, surgical information from operating theatres and even the specialist doctors collect information in their own systems.

We know that for cancer patients, time is of the essence from diagnosis to the start of their treatment. We also know that the efficiencies that ICIMS has provided our clinicians has given them time back to focus on the important work that they do for their patients.

You can help.

There’s much more we can do… and our specialists and our IT experts want to keep improving ICIMS to do more for our patients. There is not another system that our IT can find that manages a cancer patient’s experience from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond – throughout the patient’s survivorship. A system that follows, reminds, prompts and records the great work that allied health clinicians, GPs and support teams all do to help our patient once their hospital treatment is completed.

Will you help us to achieve the next upgrades for ICIMS, ensuring that we continue to improve the ICIMS system to be the best it possibly can be? 

With your help, you'll be supporting cancer patients, today and into the future.