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Sharing a Story from the Heart

For more than four decades, the San has been a leader in cardiovascular care. This Christmas, we need your help to write our next chapter…

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  • Heart disease remains the single leading cause of death of Australians
  • One Australian has a heart attack or stroke every 4 minutes
  • One Australian dies from heart disease every 30 minutes

The fact is, more people die from cardiovascular diseases in Australia than any other type of disease, with heart disease being the single leading cause. The number of people suffering from heart-related issues is on the rise, and more people than ever are seeking treatment. More people than ever are turning to the San for another chance.

“I was first diagnosed with a heart condition in 2002. After experiencing pain in my chest, I went to the San Emergency Department, where blood tests revealed that I had suffered a mild heart attack. I was booked into the Cardiac Catheter Lab and had a stent inserted, and underwent cardiac rehab, which changed my life. I have had two further heart attacks, but each time, the San was there to help. Since then, I have been keeping well by exercising, taking my medication and watching what I eat. I am eternally grateful for the fantastic care that I was given at the San by all the departments that looked after me, especially my cardiologist and the nurses.” Colin

This Christmas, we need your help to write our next chapter…  

The San’s leading heart program is needed more than ever. Our expert team of cardiologists, surgeons, therapists, and staff provide complete cardiac care - from prevention, diagnosis, and emergency care, through to surgery, treatment, rehabilitation and wellness services. These lifesaving services provide a beacon of hope for so many, at a time when providing top specialists in this field with expert care is vitally important. 

Through your support for the San Foundation, you’ve already helped patients like Colin get the care they need to return to health, their loved ones, and their lives. But now, there are so many others that need the help of the San’s leading cardiovascular care.

When you give a gift this year, you’ll facilitate the purchase of equipment that reduces procedure time, supports patients in immediate and long-term recovery, and helps our specialists provide the best care possible. But more than that, you’ll re-unite families, heal broken hearts, and light the spark of hope for the future. These are the priceless gifts your donation will make possible: 

  • Intracardiac Echo
  • ECMO Heart and Lung Machine
  • Balloon Pump
  •  Sonosnite LX Ultrasound 
  • Cardiac Pacemakers
  • Coroventis 

“For my colleagues and I, being able to do our work with the support of best-in-class equipment makes an extraordinary difference. In addition to helping us create the best outcomes for patients, the right equipment allows us to build an environment of safety, confidence, trust and hope - for patients and their loved ones. Donations that go to purchase equipment like this are an absolute lifeline for an increasing number of members of our community.” Dr Elizabeth Shaw, Director of Cardiology

Please: consider a donation to the San Foundation part of your generous giving this festive season. Every donation will go directly towards purchasing the state-of-the-art equipment our experts need to save lives and give the best care and hope to all those that need it.

We are so grateful for your support - this is a big investment for Australia’s leading private cardiovascular care hospital, and we can’t do it without you.