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The future of nursing is being made now.

We need your help to ensure our Nursing Staff is strong, stable, and resilient.

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The future of nursing is being made now. 

We need your help to ensure our Nursing Staff is strong, stable, and resilient.

The global nursing shortage is top-of-mind for so many.

We are making the San a place where nurses arrive and thrive. We are taking action today that will absolutely shape care at the San for many, many decades. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our healthcare workforce, the growing need for top care in specialised fields, nursing students seeking opportunities to build their careers... it’s all coming together right now, and we need to act. 

That’s why the San is putting a priority focus on developing highly-skilled nurses, taking our already-renowned education program to a new level. 

This means more financial aid for nursing students, more opportunities to upskill in highneed fields, more on-the-job experience, more support for nurses to advance their careers. 

Here’s exactly how your donation will help...

The San is already a renowned teaching hospital for nurses. Each year, the San employs newly graduated nurses, and our dedicated education team shadows and coaches these talented graduates through different clinical areas of the hospital to help them learn and find their area of passion. Our hands-on, bedside-based training and mentoring makes the San one of the best breeding grounds for highly skilled nurses. 

NEW Cadetship Pilot: The San’s cadetship program will provide hands-on clinical experience for nurses-in-training in a supported and supervised environment, helping alleviate the impacts of the nursing shortage. The pilot program commenced in January and will run over a year with 10 students in the initial program. All cadets will be guaranteed an interview for the San’s Nursing Graduate Program at the completion of their studies, creating a pathway for more nurses to train here, and ultimately return to start their careers.

Peer Mentorship: For nurses early in their careers, the dedicated support of an experienced mentor can make all the difference. The San’s Peer Mentor Program incorporates both theoretical learning and workplace activities, helping nurses feel a sense of belonging and deepen their skills. 

Financial Assistance: Post-graduate specialty education is hugely valuable for graduate nurses once they find the field they’re most passionate about. Your donation will fund scholarships to help graduate nurses with tuition fees, and support more highly skilled nurses to fulfil their ambitions and potential right here at the San. 

Research Grants: At the San, established nurses have incredible opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge research. Funding for research grants means more nurses have the chance to pursue their fullest potential and make a difference in their work, and that their talents will help change the lives of more people around the world.

Your gift today will play a huge part in helping nurses arrive and thrive at the San, and in ensuring all our patients have the best, most compassionate care exactly when they need it.