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94 Years of giving to the San

“If you are blessed to be in a position to give a little, that’s reward enough,” said Noeleen. “My parents were my example of philanthropy. My mum’s philosophy was to give a bit, save a bit, spend a bit.”

Not many people have a 94-year relationship with Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San). Noeleen Tinworth was born at the San, and is a staunch, consistent and generous supporter of the hospital and the San Foundation. While she has made numerous donations to San Foundation over the years, she is reticent to receive any public recognition. 

Noeleen trained as a nurse at the San where she particularly enjoyed working in operating theatres. After having children, she returned to the San and managed the hydrotherapy and massage department. 

When a need was identified to have a facility co-located with the hospital for short-stay accommodation for patients’ families (Jacaranda Lodge), Noeleen and her husband were involved in fundraising for this facility from its inception. Noeleen has had a long association with Jacaranda Lodge ever since, in a volunteer capacity. Cancer support groups are also based in Jacaranda Lodge, and Noeleen ran some of these support groups and continued volunteering there until 90 years of age. 

Some of Noeleen’s dear family members have had prostate disease, heart disease and cancer. It is these personal links that have inspired her to donate to the San Foundation to support these services close to her heart. 

She also has a keen interest in technology and medical advances. “I’ve always looked to the San as a leader in innovation, equipment and new techniques - for the difference this can make to patients,” said Noeleen. As a curious and forwardthinking person, she gets a lot of satisfaction from donating towards cutting-edge innovations. Another enduring interest of Noeleen’s is the training of nurses, and she has supported the upskilling of many nurses through her donations to the San Foundation. She particularly likes to support training in bedside nursing skills. “There is so much computer reporting nurses have to do these days, but what I’m passionate about is enhancing bedside nursing skills,” said Noeleen. 

“My heart is very much at the San,” she added. “I’ve had many links with the hospital over the years - from working there to being a patient there. Some of my children and grandchildren were born there. I admire the San’s Christian ethos and the cutting-edge technology. It gives me a sense of security to know the San is nearby, so if I ever need it, I know I will be cared for.”  

31 October 2023
Category: Donation Impact