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Anthony and Virginia’s kindness is our future

Anthony and Virginia have been supporting the San Foundation for nearly 17 years. This support will continue with their decision to leave a gift in their respective Wills. 

Their motivation for supporting the San has come as a result of their experience as both in-patients and out-patients as well as at the San Clinic where they regularly consult specialist doctors. 

Both are confident of receiving the best medical care available which is of great importance to them.

 “A 10-day hospital stay for Anthony in December 2018 for mental health treatment particularly made us feel the benefit of the hospital’s Mission of Christianity in Action and the commitment of care provided”. 

Anthony and Virginia support the San to express gratitude for the care given to them since 1998, and to acknowledge the wide community impact of the San’s provision of medical treatment, facilities, research, technology, and education. 

“Our decision to leave a gift in our respective Wills to San Foundation has allowed us to derive satisfaction that our contribution to the San and to the community during our lives will continue after our passing. We know that our contribution will be put to appropriate use, continuing to help provide support to the medical and other staff of the San and for the health and wellbeing of members of the community”. 

21 February 2024
Category: Current News