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Donate towards life-changing treatments for patients.

Research underpins all medical treatments and provides the basis for investigations, trials and hope.

You can help patients both now and into the future by supporting research at the San. It's part of the hospital's long-term commitment to the local community.

Your generosity makes a huge difference for staff, patients and families.

Cancer research

The San is researching a range of approaches from therapies (clinical trials, oncology, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) to lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, supplements) and more.

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Healthy living research

The San provides treatments for acute diseases and conditions, to assist those living with chronic conditions such as heart conditions, dementia or mental health challenges to do so healthily, as well as focusing on how to keep our general community healthy.

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Optimising health services

The San is investigating ways to increase patient satisfaction, improve the quality of services, and the breadth of health services and specific treatments offered that may not be available elsewhere.

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