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Leave a gift in your Will

Your kindness is our future

San Foundation is the heart of our hospital. We work alongside the San to raise funds for research, technology, education, and facilities so our hospital can continue to be a world class leader at the forefront of private hospital care.

Leaving a gift in your Will to San Foundation will make a lasting impact on our community 

A world-class hospital within easy reach

“Knowing that you have a world-class hospital within easy reach gives anyone a sense of peace. Having the best facilities, the best specialists, and a vision and mission that aims to provide the best services that you the patient might need, no matter what the health problem, all goes to making health issues less of a disaster than they might otherwise be. Anytime I have found myself at the San, be it in an emergency or at a scheduled appointment, I have always marvelled at the sense of trust and calm I experienced. I have needed the San many times over the years and take comfort in knowing that everyone I encounter will be trying their best to look after me. From these encounters I developed a real passion for what the San is and does.”


Benefits of having a Will

We understand that making a Will is a sensitive and personal process. A valid Will is crucial in making sure that your wishes are known and carried out after you have gone.

Helping prepare your Will

It is advised that you discuss your intentions with your family and loved ones. Once you have done this, meet with your solicitor or trust officer. If you have decided to include San Foundation as a beneficiary, we offer some suggested wording to help your solicitor or trust officer in articulating your wishes.

There are three main types of gifts our supporters often choose to leave to San Foundation:

  1. Residuary Bequest
    After making provisions for your family and loved ones, you can leave all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate to San Foundation.
  2. Percentage of your Estate
    You may nominate a certain percentage, from 1% to 100%, of your estate to San Foundation.
  3. Specific Bequest
    You may choose to leave a specific sum of money, or a particular item, such as real estate or shares.

Wording your Will

It’s really important that San Foundation is correctly named in your Will. Here is some wording for you to consider and share with your solicitor:

‘I give to San Foundation ABN 53 320 740 321 for its general purposes (or if you wish, insert a specific purpose) X% residue of my estate or the sum of $, free of all duties and taxes and I declare that the receipt of that organisation shall be sufficient to discharge my executors’.

We're here to help

We’d love you to let us know you are considering a gift in your Will, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or alternatively contact us via the link below.

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